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Autogoverno come emancipazione e libertà

We need an Autonomist Constituent to revive ideas and proposals

I’ll begin with a joke that will surely make the person concerned smile. The best location for Franco Panizza today would be inside the Museum of Autonomy. Not as the secretary to the current President Sgarbi [of Rovereto’s MART]. But what a useful thematic itinerary by which to analyze some transitions in the history of…
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Reflections on the future of Autonomy

As the Trentino Community, let’s take advantage of this day to focus on the meaning and the future of Autonomy. Traduzione dell’articolo “Qual’è il senso dellAutonomia?” a cura dell’amico James Caola While on one hand the ongoing economic crisis leads us to consider as crucial priorities the problems of work, families and businesses, I am…
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